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It seems like there’s too much to learn, and not enough time to practice.

Have you checked out various online guitar courses, books, YouTube videos, and other materials, and felt intimidated, overwhelmed, or confused? I know I have.

I’d start a course, and realize I’m mostly watching a ton of videos of someone else playing guitar, but not really playing myself. Or I’d watch a guitar lesson on YouTube, and then forget what I was supposed to learn from it by the next day.

It’s easy to just want to jump from topic to topic. I need to learn every possible scale, arpeggio, and mode! I need to now every single chord voicing! I need to learn jazz guitar! Now I need to learn how to play country guitar!

I feel like I’ve been down that rabbit hole countless times in the 20+ years I’ve played guitar.

After wasting a huge amount of time practicing guitar, but not feeling like I was actually getting better, I started digging into some books about how people learn most effectively.

It changed how I practiced, and I started actually noticing improvements in my playing. While I don’t claim to be the best guitar player out there (far from it), I feel like I’m effective at explaining it to other people in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

One of the most important things for learning – and actually retaining what you learn – is to learn in small chunks, and that’s really the main focus of this site.

Smarter Guitar is focused on what I call practice recipes.

While other guitar lesson websites and books tend to focus on learning one big topic at a time (ie..a giant book featuring every scale), my goal here is to help you learn the key parts of music (including common chord progressions, chord voicings, arpeggios, and scales) – all at the same time.

The practice recipes are built around backing tracks for you to practice over, showing you examples of chords, arpeggios, and scales to practice over them. And instead of showing you every possible way to play chords and every possible scale position, I focus generally on only one or two ways to play things.

Smarter Guitar is focused on hands-on learning. Rather than watching videos of other people playing guitar, it’s all about you actually practicing guitar.
Thanks for checking out the site. I’d love to hear any feedback (whether you think the site is helpful or terrible). Feel free to drop me a line at dustin@smarterguitar.com.