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ii V i in A Minor

This is the minor equivalent of the popular Major ii V I progression.

The main chord of note here is the V chord – or the 7b9. While we’re using a 7b9 chord here, the V chord in this progression is often just labeled as V7alt (such as E7 Alt).



Over the Bbm7(b5) and Am7 chords, an A Natural Minor Scale will work (focus on the B root note over the Bbm7(b5). 

For the E7b9 Chord, you might notice that it contains a G# note, while the A Natural Minor scale has a natural G. The V7alt chord actually comes from the harmonic minor scale, and the 5th mode of that scale works well here.

In this session, we’ll use an A Dorian scale over the A Minor Chord, which provides some nice resolution from the V7(b9) chord.

A Natural Minor Scale:
A natural minor scale
E Phrygian Dominant Mode:
E Phrygian Dominant mode