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Incredibly effective and brief courses to help you quickly take your guitar playing to the next-level.

Simple and Effective Guitar Courses for Intermediate Guitar Players

The majority of online guitar lessons out there are overwhelming and confusing.

They are long, often feature several hours of videos, and you end up spending more time watching other people play guitar than actually playing yourself. 

I’ve taken a bunch of these type of courses and found myself spending weeks going through a course, only to realize I didn’t actually retain very much of it, and didn’t know how to actually apply the bit of info I did remember to create my own songs or play other songs.

In over 20 years of playing guitar, I’ve gone through countless books, guitar magazines, classes at places such as the California Jazz Conservatory, video courses, and more, I discovered that I learn best from more of a book-based format.

‘Courses’ on Smarter Guitar use more of an eBook format (focusing heavily on graphics, and not videos), but with the added benefit of being online (compared to a PDF), and include things like audio examples and backing tracks for you to practice over.

Instead of lengthy lessons that try to teach everything about guitar at once, I break concepts down into easily-digestible, bite-sized chunks.

I use evidence from various studies showing the benefits to a short lesson format, as well as specific techniques to make sure lessons follow a sequence, where you are slowly building on things you learned previously – which will help make sure you’re making progress in your guitar playing.

Smarter Guitar is focused on hands-on learning. Rather than watching a video of someone playing something, pausing it, and then trying to repeat it, the focus here is on you actually playing.

If you’re not sure this style of course lines up with your learning style, the first few sections of courses on here are available to preview for free, so I invite you to take a look and start working through them.