• effective guitar practice

    How To Practice Guitar Effectively

    Practice is the repeating of an action with the goal of improving. Sounds simple enough, but what we often do during the time we refer to as practicing is just rehashing stuff we already know. We think that just because we are playing something on guitar for a while, we must be improving. It’s not specifically the …

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  • jazz guitar

    Practicing ii V I progressions in 4ths

    In this ear-training and chord practice exercise, we move through the ii V I chord progression in each key in the order of the Cycle of 4ths. The ii V I progression is the most common chord sequence in jazz and many other genres. Understanding it can give you ideas when writing music, and make it …

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  • sheet music

    The Importance of Mastering One Thing At a Time

    Most of us have a list in our heads of things we want to improve on. I want to eat healthier, lift more at the gym, get better at marketing, and even just within the world of musical instruments, I’d like to get better at guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and drums. I often find myself committing …

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